América Sanchez designed a wall calendar for Vinçon in 1975 that became a cult object. The idea was as clear as its graphics: remove everything that was superfluous and leave what was essential, to keep a perfect order.

Since then, Vinçon adjusted its format with its designer. The first calendar was designed for the city of Barcelona with all its local holidays perfectly marked. Over the years and due to the demand of many of their clients, who lived in other cities, they began to look for a global solution: use red stickers that were attached to the calendar so that each user could personalize the holidays.

In addition, he sensed that many people use the page every month as an agenda, writing, or drawing underlining around the numbers. Perhaps it was also the quality of the paper that helped to write easily.

Over almost 40 years of this calendar, we have seen at friend’s or customer’s homes what América imagined was happening. Some pages have just turned into garbled, artistic, interesting, intriguing, refined, chaotic, morbid, endearing, contemptible, intimate, dirty, beautiful, innocent, scatological or just pretty attractive.