In the catalog published for the European Community Design Awards in 1992, they refer to the Vinçon shop windows as: “The city’s most suggestive shop windows treated as a continuous gift that Vinçon makes to pedestrians”.

And regarding the inside of the store, the comment was: “The store treated as a shop window”. It was not based on a single project but on small well defined and marked areas serving the different types of merchandise. An idea difficult to do and maintain, but that allowed a constant renewal of its environments.

Those ephemeral displays with which Vinçon – according to the previous reference – surprised the visitors, had two acts and many performers. The first involved the thousands of people who daily walked on Paseo de Gracia, a boulevard with some of the most beautiful and representative buildings of the city’s modernist architecture, like the one where the store was installed.

The second act required a more active participation: if there was interest in knowing the commercial message implicit in the images, the walking had to be stopped and the gaze fixed to drive people into the store.

So, it was all about seeing things in a different way. In this case, at least, it was proven that poetry could be an added value in the commercial field.