Searstyle furniture

Constantin Boym


Exhibition Nº

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They say that when Franklin D. Roosevelt was asked what book he would put in the hands of every Russian citizen if he had the opportunity, he didn’t really choose a book. It was the Sears catalogue. Since his beginnings, Sears has stood as a symbol of the good , practical and reliable, something that America has given to the world.

Currently, the language of Sears objects is far from any acceptable design language. It is associated with kitsch, the trivial, the mother’s líving room. The furniture by Boym however, is based on emotional and visual heritage by Sears; they try to restore this language, include it in the eclectic mosaic expression of contemporary design.

Original furniture, orders made from the Sears catalogue, are placed in a new and unexpected context, either by modifying their function or by infrequent proportional relationships. This furniture is combined with simple supporting elements, made with oak. A sumptuous sofa has standard seats and backs lined in vinyl. Other furniture used Formica sheets that imitate wood, a familiar material that combines technological sophistication with the cultural values of the traditional American home.

The furniture by Constantin Boym conveys a double message: innovation and familiarity at the same time. After the exuberance of the design of the eighties, they emphasize on common sense, honesty and the current economy. The Sears style is the design alternative of the nineties!

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